Yogi Singh Has Arrived!

~This post is dedicated to Yogi Singh Jain~
Born 3/3/12 in Sammamish, Washington.

We picked up Yogi Singh this past Saturday at 8-weeks old and our lives have forever changed. There’s no doubt about it, he’s a lot of work, but nothing has ever seemed more worth it thus far, than our Yogi Singh. Vinit and I agree, if we love a puppy this much, we might be the most overwhelming and smothering parents ever with a baby someday. Yogi + baby? Oh gosh, TOO MUCH!

Yogi is cute. He’s feisty. He is lovable. He’s playful. He’s super adorable. Just when you think there’s no hope in training this little cutie, he shows you his heart-warming puppy dog eyes and you suddenly realize this world cannot be half as bad as you might have previously thought it to be, to produce such a little cutie like him. We are in love. Even with the 1230am, 230am and 5am potty times… IN THE RAIN and IN THE COLD, we are indeed very smitten. Even with the first night we had him where he was having diarrhea every hour on the hour, not sleeping and being very sad with out his siblings, we were still overjoyed to have him. Even with his teething and biting and jumping, we love him just the same. Yes, he’s a puppy, there is no question about that. A puppy who needs to be trained, and we are currently working very hard on that.

One friend advised us before getting Yogi, “expect to have no social life once you get Yogi” and they were right, being new puppy parents themselves. Our social life is non-existent except for Yogi visits by friends, but coming home to see our baby means everything to us.

As you can see, we love him very much.

I am beyond excited and thrilled to have our first born be Yogi Singh. I haven’t felt this much excitement and happiness as well as protective mamma-bear-ness for anything in a long time. As far as his dad goes, Vinit is the best dad ever to him. When Yogi cries at night, it’s his dad who calms him down and sleeps next to his crate on the floor until he falls asleep. It’s also Vinit who does not hesitate to run outside in the rain and cold in the middle of the night when Yogi has to go potty. A few nights ago during crate-training with him, Vinit was very emotional to hear Yogi crying and whimpering for a prolonged period of time and I wasn’t sure who needed more comforting. So, I had to hug both of them simultaneously. Vinit has shown so much love for this baby of ours, a puppy he was very uncertain about getting in the first place. But seriously no joke when I say the best dad ever…

Now all our carpool and nighttime conversations are around Yogi Singh and the things he does which makes us laugh or the things he does which are not exactly cute, but how much we still love him no matter what. While this is a lot of work we are going through since he is a puppy, we also realize he will grow up very quickly and those puppy days will be long gone.

Saying all this, if you are considering a puppy, here are 10 things to keep in mind before making the big leap to get a puppy, based on our recent experience.

1. Will you accept a lifestyle change and be willing to focus on being with him and training him in all of your free time?
2. Will you be able to be with him during the day or have arrangements for him to be with someone else during the day?
3. If he has accidents and pees and poops throughout the house, will you be able to accept this as puppy behavior and not get mad at him?
4. Can you commit to a routine and schedule with him in terms of eating, playing, sleeping and potty time?
5. Will you wake up with him throughout the night if he whines to go potty?
6. Can you be disciplined about training him, not giving in just because he’s cute but because you have to do what’s best for him?
7. Will you be able to provide him with lots of love and affection and reward him when he does things right?
8. Do you have a lot of patience? I mean, serious boatloads of patience?
9. Can you commit to not ever giving up on him, no matter how bad the day might be while teaching him?
10. Will you accept he is a puppy and will therefore act as such?

We are not perfect parents by any means but we know we want to do the best job we can in providing him with the best life we possibly can. He has already taught us so much about ourselves and we are learning invaluable lessons from him.  I can’t imagine our life any other way now… he’s our little baby doll and mera bacha.

The only question I continue to ask myself during this whole process is, “…remind me why didn’t I do this sooner??”

He makes us really happy.

(Yogi’s mom)

Yogi Singh Jain, bred from Shedless in Seattle.



2 Responses to Yogi Singh Has Arrived!

  1. Shrazzi says:

    He’s gorgeous Tanya! Congratulations!! And you’re right, it does sound an aweful lot like having a human baby. :)

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