A Different View

I opened the cabinet, grabbed a coffee cup, a coffee cup I rarely use which I bought from CB2 but actually love. It matches our dishes and is a very simple and yet strong cup. I love this cup. Why don’t I use this cup more often? I reached for this cup, set it on top of the Keurig platform, inserted a k-cup of French Roast coffee and then pressed the start button.

My morning has officially started.

I glanced around on this sunny morning, admiring the light shining through the ivory curtains. Ivory. Of course they are ivory. Anyone who knows me knows the curtains would be a shade of white. I peeked through the curtains out back behind our house and saw our nature trail looking quite majestic this particular morning.

I will miss this trail, I thought to myself. I will miss this trail very much and hearing the natural life which surrounds us. It was a moment of real sadness.

It’s amazing and yet sad the emotions we go through when we know we have to part with something. Especially something beautiful. Why is it often times only then we start to acknowledge true meaning or value or realize how much we actually loved something? It took me awhile to discover this trail. I knew it was there but I never thought I needed it. In the end, I found myself looking forward to it.

In life, we give something up in hopes of something better. All we can do is hope that it really is better than what we had left.

I have no doubts in my mind our new house will be better for us than this house for a variety of reasons. But it won’t have that trail. That trail I gazed at while rocking my newborn to sleep when she was just a few days old. That trail that we got brave enough to let our puppy off his leash and run around freely and now as a grown dog, gets so excited to walk. That trail we used to walk together in the evenings, all 4 of us, baby in carrier, and decompress how our day had gone. That trail had answers when I pondered questions. This trail has been good to us. I’m going to miss that trail. It has been my place of peace and clarity at times.

For me, there is something mysterious, soothing and healing about nature. So it comes to no surprise by me that this particular trail, known for a few years now, has had a strong impact on me at times.

I know I will soon find a new place of calmness and tranquility in a new location. I can only hope it’s half as good to me as this nature trail has been and creates meaningful significance.

It is not sometimes the simple things right in front of us which counts the most. It is always the simple things right in front of us which counts the most.




One Response to A Different View

  1. racvirw says:

    It is true. Simple things in life is the butter that goes with the bread. And what a lovely trail it is. Lovely thoughts.

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